Today’s Jewish community is increasingly diverse, with LGBTQ individuals, people with disabilities, Jews of color, intermarried families, and individual seekers looking for compelling ways to make Judaism relevant to their lives. Because the Reform Movement is passionate about welcoming those who seek to connect to Judaism, it is crucial that we create programs and train professionals with the specific goal of sustaining this commitment to diversity and making all feel welcome. Our work over the past decade has prepared Reform communities to be more open, more inclusive, and more vibrant than ever before. For example, as highlighted in The New York Times and elsewhere, in 2015 we made groundbreaking news with a resolution supporting equal rights for transgender individuals across our camps, programs, and communities. Also in 2015, we created a new position, Vice President for Audacious Hospitality, to coordinate this critical work across the URJ. Now, new initiatives are being launched that will promote even more diversity in our communities as we move toward 2020. Inspiring new communities Across congregations and camps, we are making our communities as inclusive as possible. In a session attended by nearly 5,000 people at the 2015 Biennial, 27 congregations were honored as Exemplar Congregations for their work in opening experiences to people with disabilities. To help even more congregations boost their inclusion efforts, in early 2015 we launched the Disabilities Inclusion Learning Center (www.disabilitiesinclusion. org) in partnership with the Ruderman Family Foundation. The site features 30 webinars that address ways congregations can prioritize the needs of community members with disabilities. Camps, youth programs, and social justice advocacy programs are also improving how they work with young Jews with diverse needs. Approximately 10% of URJ campers receive accommodations to participate fully in camp life. Our camps now require staff to be trained to include all campers in activities, and all camps provide specific support to cabin staff for campers who may need additional resources and attention. We are also now offering staff training in mental health, well-being, and anti-bullying. WE MAKE JUDAISM EASIER TO DISCOVER AND EXPERIENCE DISCOVERING JUDAISM WWW.URJ.ORG | 9