Through our vast array of youth programs, we have been helping young Jews find their rightful place in our community and giving them skills to lead in the future. By marshaling the resources of our wide network of congregations and programs, we’re bringing transformative opportunities to more and more kids, in line with our 2020 vision. How are we motivating more young Jews to embrace Jewish living? ʓ ʓ  We are creating earlier on-ramps. ʓ ʓ  We are investing in specialty programs to meet kids where they are. ʓ ʓ  We are supporting our youth professionals so they’re prepared to strengthen experiences. WE ARE INVESTING IN THE NEXT GENERATION ENGAGING YOUTH The URJ has more than 60 discrete youth initiatives that are knitted together holistically to provide years-long experiences that won’t just pique young people’s interest in Reform Judaism but will deepen and sustain that interest and establish a life-long connection to Jewish communities. Camps and more Every young person has specific passions. When children and teens seek out opportunities to learn, experiment, and explore, they are looking for experiences that feel relevant to them. One size does not fit all. To tap into more of these unique interests, we constantly grow, refine, and reinvent our already outstanding network of camps. We have amplified the reach and impact of our leading-edge Jewish camping network by investing in our existing current camps, adding new offerings, and welcoming, with open arms, Jews of color, children of interfaith and LGBT families, and transgender and gender non-conforming children into programs. WWW.URJ.ORG | 11