Launched with the support of the Foundation for Jewish Camp, our sport and sci-tech specialty camps enrolled more than 1,000 campers in the summer of 2015—resulting in a 25% increase in total URJ campers. Inspired by the positive response, we are launching a West Coast sports camp—6 Points Sports-California, based in Los Angeles—in the summer of 2016. To promote deep, sustained engagement, we developed year-round centers at Camp Newman in Northern California and at Greene Family Camp in Texas. Together these centers reached more than 1,000 teens in 2015—a 30% increase in participation since 2013. Engaging youth We consistently push ourselves to find new ways to reach kids on their own terms at younger ages and make Judaism meaningful and enjoyable for them. For example, in 2015 we partnered with congregations to launch NFTY678, an expansion of the high school NFTY program. Designed for middle school- aged youth, NFTY678 engaged 2,000 new participants in immersive Jewish experiences developed in partnership Unique Youth and Teens Engaged 16,000 ‘12/13 17,378 22,388 ‘13/14 ‘14/15 ‘15/16 (projected) 18,000 20,000 22,000 24,000 18,168 19,899 Both NFTY and my URJ Camp embraced me at many different points in my journey of self- discovery, and camp still calls to me as a retreat for my family and friends. NFTY put Jewish music in my soul, leadership opportunities in my path, and lifelong friends in my heart. My NFTY experience resulted in my desire to be an active member of my URJ congregation and to share the gift of a vibrant community with my two sons. My summers at camp gave me things that no other experience in my life could ever give me. It does last a lifetime. I thank camp, as well as the people who run it, every day, for changing my life. There’s no chance I could grow up like I did, find my real passions, build aspirations, and connect to my Judaism without camp. 12