Congregations remain the heart of Jewish life, education, and celebration. The URJ is a community of congregations at its core, and we have always worked with congregations to support their centrality to Jewish life. Today we are re-envisioning the way we collaborate with and strengthen congregations—reinforcing local synagogue leadership—to help them stay relevant and innovative. WE ARE HELPING CONGREGATIONS STAY ADEPT AND AGILE STRENGTHENING CONGREGATIONS To bolster our nearly 900 member congregations and ensure that they are able to support their work over time, we: ʓ ʓ  Connect leaders of congregations to experts, learning opportunities, and valuable resources ʓ ʓ  Provide in-person and virtual networking opportunities ʓ ʓ  Facilitate congregational collaboration by empowering congregational leaders to create and sustain transformative, inclusive experiences for their members, opening the Reform community as a whole to more people than ever before Strengthening leaders When synagogue leaders are equipped to inspire, congregations’ members can find more joy, enrich the world, and live their beliefs more creatively. WWW.URJ.ORG | 15