At the heart of Judaism lies a commitment to tikkun olam—repairing the world. It is this sacred calling that has energized Reform Jews for generations. We galvanize individuals and groups throughout North America to pursue social justice and economic, religious, and civil liberties for all through advocacy campaigns, service opportunities, and training for synagogue and community leaders. WE ARE FIGHTING FOR A MORE JUST SOCIETY REPAIRING THE WORLD As we seek peace and pursue justice, we are creating new opportunities to cultivate a uniquely Jewish identity— while strengthening the fabric of local communities as they join together to create a world of justice, wholeness, and compassion. A powerful presence in Washington, D.C. The Reform Movement in North America has a rich social justice heritage. As one of the early pioneers in faith-based advocacy and organizing, the RAC is the most established and respected multi-issue Jewish advocacy institution in Washington, D.C. ʓ ʓ  In 2015, we inspired tens of thousands to reflect on racial justice, organize in partnership with minority communities, and take action on criminal justice reform and voting rights. In California, 1,000 Reform Jews called on Governor Jerry Brown to sign important legislation to ban racial profiling. ʓ ʓ  Led by the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR), 200 Reform rabbis and cantors, along with congregants and youth activists, participated in the NAACP’s America’s Journey for Justice, a 40-day march from Selma, AL, to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness of, and to advance, civil rights legislation. ʓ ʓ We spoke loudly and clearly against Islamophobia, encouraging our congregations to welcome refugees and advocate for immigration reform. We even transformed Greene Family Camp in Texas into a refuge for 600 immigrant children. ʓ ʓ  We empowered local communities across the United States to denounce discriminatory legislation masquerading as defense of religious liberty, including Mississippi’s H.B. 1523. WWW.URJ.ORG | 19