Our Reform Movement in North America reinforced its unique partnership with the Israeli Movement for Progressive Judaism. We worked together to expand Reform Judaism in Israel and strengthen Israel’s democracy. Last year 5,000 Reform leaders came together in Orlando, Florida, to learn, pray, sing, and network at the URJ Biennial General Assembly. The dynamism of our multi-generational Movement was on display as we celebrated and studied, all with an eye toward enriching our tradition and reimagining Jewish life. Our Movement, and the URJ, are unique in Jewish life today. With an audacious spirit that dares to experiment, the Reform Movement spans the continent and reaches across the ocean, always seeking to touch souls, hearts, and minds. As we continue this journey together, we welcome and need your engagement, your activism, and your support. Daryl Messinger Rabbi Rick Jacobs President Daryl Messinger Chair WWW.URJ.ORG | 3 © SCOTT R. KLINE