Reform Judaism’s vibrancy comes from a constant infusion of adapting our tradition and values to our lives today. We must continually develop new strategies to create a relevant, powerful, living Judaism. AUDACIOUS HOSPITALITY The Reform Movement is an open, accessible and inclusive community, with a tradition of inspiring and welcoming those who wish to engage in Jewish life. In 2015, we created a new initiative—Audacious Hospitality—and built a new team to help coordinate institutions and programs across the Movement to reduce barriers to participation in our congregations and other sacred communities. We know that there are more North American Jews outside synagogues than inside them, and we are committed to helping all who are interested in living a richer Jewish life. ENGAGING FUTURE GENERATIONS Building on 75 years of outstanding youth engagement, we continue to foster passion for Jewish living among young people. We are devising new ways to connect our network of camps, NFTY experiences, and Israel and social justice programs into a seamless year-round menu of options. STRONG, NETWORKED CONGREGATIONS The URJ is partnering with our congregations across North America to speak to new generations seeking meaning and community. Through the Scheidt Seminar for incoming synagogue presidents, the Shallat Seminar for congregations facing rabbinic transition, expanded investment in collaborative professional development programs, a new congregational self-assessment tool, enhanced online resources and one-on-one consulting services, we are sharing best practices and investing in Reform communities. A GLOBAL COMMUNITY COMMITTED TO REPAIRING THE WORLD In 2015, we recommitted to our social justice efforts and stepped them up, welcoming new leadership to the influential Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC) in Washington, D.C., combining the community organizing efforts of Just Congregations with the RAC’s work, enhancing Mitzvah Corps for teens and adults, and providing increased advocacy training for teen and congregational leaders. In 2014, URJ’s leadership came together to create the 2020 Vision—a bold and ambitious vision for the future of Reform Judaism. We began to implement this vision in 2015. We aligned our program offerings to meet the greatest challenges facing North American Jewry and to better integrate the many aspects of URJ activities to strengthen Reform Jewish life. This new strategic direction focuses our resources on accomplishments that no individual congregation, and no individual person, can achieve alone. Our strength is in the scale of our Movement and our commitment to be open and adaptable to a changing Jewish landscape. Rooted in our belief that change is achieved only when we work toward it in community, the URJ has identified the following priorities to move us closer to a more just, whole, and compassionate world. WWW.URJ.ORG | 5